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    Ceramic Hand Held Bidet HH-80

    ***** 5.0 | Read reviews (1)

    List price: $55.99  

    Price: $32.00

    You save: $23.99 (43%)
    In stock

    Ceramic plated hand held bidet HH-80 sprayer is the most durable and affordable  bidet in the market.

    Product Feature:

    • Stainless Steel flexible hose
    • ABS chrome plated hand held shower
    • Contemporary designs
    • Brass Vavle (chrome plated)
    • Connection: 1/2"male,7/8" female &7/8"male(as picture).
    • Working Pressure:0.1-1.0Mpa
    • 1 year warrenty
    • Spray Type: Horizontal


    Easy to install:

    hand held bidet installation instruction

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